City of Elberton
203 Elbert Street
P. O. Box 70
Elberton, GA  30635

(706) 213-3100


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Elberton has a beautiful and historic downtown.  Elberton experienced a real commercial boom from the late 1890s up to the Great Depression.  New buildings went up on each street during that time period.  Most of our historic buildings in downtown from this period have survived to this day.  Many have been renovated or restored.

There are many downtown retail and specialty stores, but we are always looking for new occupants and new options for customers.  There are dining choices to satisfy everyone’s appetite.  Best of all, parking is free and plentiful.  In addition to on-street parking, the City of Elberton owns several public parking lots adjacent to the public square.

For 20 years the Main Street Elberton program has been charged with developing a public/private partnership to preserve the historical fabric of the downtown district and promote and facilitate its economic revitalization.  An active board of directors and volunteer stakeholders joined by community partners recruit business, develop both community and retailing events, promote the preservation of the historic buildings in the district and initiate design and streetscape projects to further enhance the district.

We would love to welcome your business downtown.  Please check out the available properties below.  Contact us to determine what site might be right for your company.


Vacant Properties

1. 17 & 19 S McIntosh St. E19-001 & E19-02
2. 3 S McIntosh St. E19-008
3. 10 N McIntosh St. E18-039
4. 12 N McIntosh St. E18-038
5. 23 N McIntosh St. E11-086
6. 17 N McIntosh St. E11-084
7. 23 N Public Square E11-080
8. 17 N Public Square E11-079A
9. 14 N Oliver St. E11-076
10. 3 N Oliver St. E11-078(Upstairs and Basement)
11. 7 & 11 N Oliver St. E11-072 & E11-073
12. 6 S Oliver St. E11-069(Basement)
13. 10 Public Square E12-120
14. 14 Public Square E12-122(Upstairs)
15. 134 Elbert St. E18-049
16. 177 Heard St. E18-041
17. 0 Heard St. E18-041
18. 101 Elbert Street E18-067
19. 118 N Oliver St. E11-115(Smaller Store)
20. 134 Elbert St. E18-049



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