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Elberton has operated a municipally-owned broadband system since 2001. Telecommunications infrastructure is essential to the health and vitality of a community.  Networks must be accountable first to the needs of the community, not the short-term interests of shareholders.  We own and operate our own fiber optic network to ensure that Elberton’s telecommunications network serves the community rather than the community serving the network.

By having a robust fiber optic network and coaxial cable network, Elberton want to meet several long-term goals in our community:

  • Attract new business and industry
  • Make our local companies more profitable
  • Open new global markets to our local companies
  • Revived depressed business districts and areas of our community
  • Increase individuals' earning potential
  • Increase home-based businesses

Whether the need be internet connectivity, point-to-point connectivity, video service, teleconferencing, or voice service, Elberton can customize specific products to meet the telecom needs of any business customer. 

Through a direct fiber optic connection, Elberton can provide business Internet connectivity at competitive prices depending on your bandwidth needs.  True fiber connections start in price at $199 per month, and we can scale your connection to grow as your business expands from 10 Mbps up to a true 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection.

We also offer cable modem services at very competitive rates. 


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